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The company

DARWIN Cooperative Company

Management of Protected Areas, Environmental Education

And Museum exhibitions

The DARWIN Cooperative Company has been founded in Rome on the 18th of March 1993. All its members are biologists and naturalists. In 1993 it was given the task to manage the WWF Reserve “Bosco di Palo” on behalf of the WWF Italian division. It afterwards becomes one of the cooperative companies inside of WWF and It is involved in year by year-increasing tasks within the management of protected areas ( such as direction, guard, infrastructure management, educational activities and promotion); It also cooperates within the European Life Projects by supplying conferences and events planning, educational operators training, informative leaflets editing, staff management and several more services.

It specializes in the field of Environmental Education: its educational activities range in directly managed protected areas fruition, school environmental education projects planning, educational operators supply for guided tours in natural protected areas; It supplies educational services within the “Gens” (People, in latin) and “Giorniverdi” ( Greendays ) activities: educational programs kept by Latium Parks Regional Agency; since 1998 It supervises call center activity and guided tours management at the Bioparco Foundation in Rome.

Since 2002 It works together with the Appia Antica Regional Park on managing the every day-open Information Point situated at 58-60 of Via Appia Antica and the Bike Rent services. It organizes promotional events, guided tours with Italian, English, Spanish and French-speaker operators.

It supplies natural sciences-qualified tour leader for naturalistic trip in Italy and abroad.

The Darwin Cooperative Company has its own artists team working in planning and mounting museum exhibitions, posters and promotional leaflets.

It employs over 40 people as both Individual Consultants and Cooperative Company Consultants Team. It works on assignment by Public and Private Institutions such as Municipal Districts, Park Agencies, Foundations, Associations, and so on.

Since Management of Protected Areas, Environmental Education and Museum Exhibition are the Darwin Cooperative Company leading work fields, It aims to train professional figures to introduce in Environmental Project-related new job opportunities.

It is particularly involved in:

- Animal and plant species conservation and preservation in natural environment as well as promotion of new protected areas;

- Promoting and spreading environment and nature respect and knowledges through education and information activities;

- Spreading naturalistic and scientific knowledge to encourage the growth of ecological awarness in Youngs and Adults;

- Contributing in qualified staff supply within Environmental Education and Tourism;

- Stimulating local employment by absorbing professional figures living in or nearby the directly managed protected areas.





Cooperativa Darwin

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